Handy guide to Aquatic Sports like Jet Ski in Dubai

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Over the decades, Dubai has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only has it made a name for itself as a business destination of choice for the savvy entrepreneur, but it has also earned a reputation for being one of the most exciting tourism hotspots on this planet. Apart from its breathtaking architecture and infrastructure, Dubai also boasts of a beautiful coastline that is served by holistically developed hotel and leisure infrastructure.

The calm, inviting waters around Dubai are the perfect invitation for tourists to indulge in some aquatic activities. The authorities too have encouraged the adoption of various water sports in a controlled manner and have ensured the availability of high quality infrastructure at popular tourist spots.

Some of the potential water sport options are:

  • Open primarily to members, the Dubai Water Sports Association (DWSA) has begun encouraging visitors on a daily or monthly basis to come explore their facilities. With the water around it being flat and without much turbulence, it is perfect for water-skiing enthusiasts
  • The  Ritz Carlton offers its aquatic sports/leisure facilities to the discerning tourist who believes in indulging themselves in a lavish setting
  • The Royal Mirage Jumeirah Beach Dubai features waterskiing sessions and includes the instruction session in the rates being charged
  • Wakeboarding and knee boarding enthusiasts are usually found flocking to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel with training sessions on offer to those who are interested
  • The Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa shows off its prime location off Jumeirah Beach to the hilt. Both, members as well as guests can engage in a host of aquatic leisure activities including wind surfing, ski tubing, surf boarding and many more
  • Banana boat rides and water skiing is available at the prestigious Jebel Ali Hotel and Beach Resort
  • For donut rides and jet skiing in Dubai, it is the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Towers that one must head to

Jet skis in Dubai have attained quite a fan following over the years. They remain by far, one of the more popular aquatic leisure options. However, given the power and the potential for danger, both, to self as well as others, one must follow guidelines at all times. Failure to do so not only attracts heavy fines, it also needlessly endangers human lives.

In the end, one must remember their Dubai vacation for all the right reasons. This is why it is best to enjoy in a controlled and responsible manner.

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