Definitive guide for those in search of cheap excursions in Dubai

There’s no such thing as a free lunch” goes a popular saying. But there are food samples and handouts. The world is filled with plenty of destinations that cater to the well heeled traveller. But there is this joy in visiting these ‘expensive’ locations while getting away with paying significantly less sums of money.

If you are one among those that loves the idea of wallet friendly tourism, then you are going to love this guide that gives a heads-up to tourists looking at cheap excursions in Dubai. Now some would ask why Dubai and not some other city? True, there are plenty of places that could be covered. But Dubai is special, for it is known for its grandeur and opulence in a way like no other place on the planet. From the most expensive hotels to the tallest living structures, Dubai has them all. It has these endless expanses of retail spaces that masquerade as malls and also has some of the largest theme parks in the region. So you see, a trip to Dubai can really make the wallet weep.

If one were to think of Dubai excursions on an empty wallet, where would they go, what are the places they would see? We have three cherry picked answers to these questions:

Garden Gazing: Dubai is blessed with lush gardens and parks all over the Emirate. So go on, try a few. You’ll be surprised at the diversity of the plant life out there. Entrance fees too are relatively reasonable and are usually around the 5 AED mark. The Safa Park and Rasyidiya Park are two such places that one could visit.

Mall Crawling: Dubai is has this reputation for having some of the most expansive malls on this planet. Some even put the USA to shame with their size and scale of operations. And that is saying something about them. Now, some may argue that if there’s no money in the wallet why go mall crawling. Well, there’s air-conditioning, great people, lots of activities and contests that one could participate and who knows, win a thing or two to bring back home with them. Reason enough we think.

Beach Lounger: Dubai’s shoreline is safe, full of fun activities and is generally accessible to most sections of people. Apart from the private beaches, there are vast swathes of public beaches where one can simply lounge around all day, soaking in the sights and sounds as they pass by. Entry fees again are quite cheap and most places are likely to charge somewhere between AED 5-10.

So there you have it. Even when the money starts to flow a little slow, there’s still a lot that one can do when on a holiday. The next time someone says that they are out of cash on their vacation to Dubai, you know where to point them at.

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