Dhow Dinner cruise – A perfect family experience


Families are most important, and if providing them with an amazing vacation is your heart’s desire then the dhow tour cruise company has the answer to your prayers. An authentic Dhow cruise experience is sure to leave you and your loved ones with fond memories that will last you for a lifetime.

A dhow is an Arabic vesicle made from either wood or metal. These dhows were traditionally used by Arabic fishermen and pearl divers in the olden days. The dhow dinner cruise company now uses these traditional dhows to provide tourists with a range of amusement and recreational options at a reasonable price. Blissfully cruising along the Dubai creek definitely beats travelling by road and also provides you with the perfect all-round family entertainment experience.

An evening on a dhow dinner cruise gives your family a glimpse of Arabian culture and history. When you step aboard the dhow the staff welcomes you with freshly brewed Arabic coffee.

The dhow cruise also has a wide range of entertainment options for both youngsters and grownups alike. While kids are enchanted by the magic shows the grownups are entertained by spectacular performances by exotic belly dancers and live bands. The live bands are also much obliged to play you the music of your choice. The Dhow dinner cruise staff is also more than happy to host birthday parties and other ceremonies. If your family has never been on a dhow cruise before then this opportunity must be grabbed at all costs.  The spectacular view from the Dhow also adds to the magical ambiance providing a glimpse of what the majestic city of Dubai has to offer. The view includes architectural marvels like the International hotels with their pristine private beaches, the late Sheikh Zayed’s house, the fabulous Dubai marina and the heritage village.

The food aboard the dhow dinner cruise is a definitely a treat for your taste buds. The cooking includes an assortment of gourmet and continental food as well as traditionally prepared Arabic cuisine. Alcohols as well as other mild beverages are also served aboard the dhow dinner cruise.

The dhow cruise company will definitely provide your family with an experience of a lifetime that will leave them with a deep sense of affection for Dubai and its culture.

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