Camel Cruising in Dubai

Camels are one of the first few things after sand that comes to your mind when you think about desert areas. The best camel tours in the world would be provided nowhere but in the sprawling deserts of Dubai.  These exciting safaris are always done in groups that are called as caravans. The camel is an important animal for the Arabs. It holds a valued place in the Arabian culture.

best camel tours

 It is an animal that has been put into use by the humans for over 4000 years now. It has been used for long tours and carrying loads. However, today it happens in a very rare scenario that they are used for luggage carrying and transportation. A tour in the city is incomplete if not experienced this tour. This experience gives a basic idea as to how people would travel in the earlier days.

This ride takes you away from the busy, noisy city; away from the hustle bustle to the calmness of the deserts. When in group, this activity is all the more enjoyable. The scenery, the nature’s delights are all a very eye- pleasing. The racing on camels is another enjoyable stint that can be done amongst groups. This sport is a niche one and is focused on the males predominantly.  It’s here in this city’s deserts that a bumpy ride is also enjoyed. A thrilling experience is what you will take back home. Camel tours are an experience that everybody visiting Dubai must experience.

Camel tours are one of the best experiences in Dubai that one can have with the entire desert picturesque, the beautiful sand dunes and the vast sprawling deserts.

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