Dhow Cruise Dinner- An Unforgettable Experience

A place where you just can’t miss while touring Dubai is the Dhow cruise dinner. The Dhow is basically a very long-established boat that is made of wood. In the traditional days, Arabian people used to follow the profession of fishing and pearl diving on a large scale. These men built sturdy boats which were called dhows. These boats have now become an integral part of Dubai’s sightseeing and tourism.

Many tours include a special segment of dinner cruise tour and take the tourists to an enchanting evening.  You can either be picked at the hotel or the house you are staying at. The cruises either start from the Deira or the Bur Dubai side of the creek. Conventionally, the trip is for about three hours. As soon as you go on board, the mesmerizing journey starts its ride. You see the stunning picturesque creek. The enthralling sights await you as you go on to the terrace of the cruise. The much scenic and pictorial Dubai is right in front of your eyes to relish its beauty!  On the boat, various cuisines including the traditional food, continental food, etc. are served in a buffet system. Your splendid dinner ends with the traditional tea and shisha.

There are special arrangements and facilities provided to those individuals who wish to rent either half or even the entire boat. This practice is well-liked by honeymooners, business groups and even by some families who want their privacy.  The entire experience is just elite and exclusive. This experience gives you memories to be cherished for lifetime.

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