Desert Safari: A Lifetime Experience

Dubai is an exceptionally marvelous place that has many exotic places to explore. One of such breathtaking places is the deserts of Dubai which are like endless carpets of enticing sands. The never ending sand dunes, the magnificent picturesque make the desert safari tour a must have experience for the tourists. Companies take you in a SUV to these deserts. You can experience some dune bashing and sand skiing amongst many other activities.

Safari tours in Dubai

Safari tours in Dubai

Many safari tours in Dubai give you the option of having a private safari with your family or friends or you can join in with the others. However, you need to ensure on your part that you choose a registered and licensed firm which takes complete responsibility of your trip in terms of safety and security. Most of the times the program, the package, the company’s information and the best kinds of tours, is all available at one click on these companies’ websites. You can look up the list of clients they’ve had and have a glance at their testimonials to gauge the credibility of the firm.

Overnight desert camping in UAE is another activity that is extremely popular. The belly dance, Tanoura dance and fire dance shows, the henna painting, the exquisite dinner, you get to live one night the traditional Arabian style. Staying in the much comfortable tents under the star-lit skies is one mesmerizing experience you will never be able to forget throughout your life!

So plan up your desert safari tour at once and be ready for a great time in the Arabian sands!


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