Go Golfing in Dubai

An emirate, which has completely transformed itself from being a pearl diving hub to one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world, is what Dubai is. From camels to swanky cars, from abras to magnificent dhows, from village houses to tall skyscrapers, this city has given modernism a new definition altogether. Well, Dubai is not just about sightseeing and shopping; there’s much more to this place. Sports are an integral part of this emirate, and golf is one of the most popular holiday sports in Dubai.

Go Golfing in Dubai

Dubai has beautiful golf courses which have all the necessary modern amenities required. This is the place which has given the world some amazing golf courses like the Jebel Ali Golf Resort, which has been a part of the European PGA Tour event, The Montgomerie, the Abu Dhabi Golf Course, the Tower Links Golf Club, to name a few. These golf courses are preserved and maintained with great care and have international standard amenities. Some of the golf courses remain open 24×7. They have great scenic locations and are expert staff to guide the guests through the entire course.

So, you have travelled the world and seen some spectacular golf courses. However, do not conclude about seeing the preeminent golf courses, until you have visited Dubai. The golf courses here are lush green and are well maintained. You will find the finest golf courses to be near famous landmarks and mesmerizing beaches. This makes the entire golfing process fun and a totally different experience.

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