Essential Tips for Quad Biking in Dubai


Dubai is the perfect place for adventure freaks. You will enjoy a lot of fun activities like water sports and desert adventures. Well, quad biking is one such sport which is extremely popular in Dubai. It is a very popular desert adventure and you will find many tour companies in Dubai which offer you excellent packages for this activity. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before you take this adventure:

1.Wear Comfortable Clothing:
Because it is an activity that will require you to be physically active, you need to wear something which is comfortable and not very tight. Also, it is essential that your entire body is covered and none of your skin is exposed to the heat and sun.

2.Wear a Sunscreen:
You are going to be in the midst of the desert and leaving your skin unprotected is a complete no-no. Make sure you apply liberal quantities of sun screen before setting out for this adventure.

3.Wear Comfortable Footwear:
It is important to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear. Wearing flip flops or thong slippers is not a great idea. Instead, rely on sturdy sandals or similar footwear that will make taking out the sand easier and riding the bike a cake walk.

4.Carry Essentials:
The activity is tiring and you might need certain things like towels, napkins and yes, water! Mostly, you get all the things at the camp site. However, if you wish to, you may carry water on your own.

5.Carry Proper Documents:
You need to have valid documents in order to enjoy this adventure. Do not forget to carry your age proof along; this emirate has strict laws and you will not be allowed to do quad biking in Dubai if you don’t carry proper identification and age proof.

Keep in mind these little tips and more importantly, don’t forget to have fun!


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