Off to Dubai For a Vacation and Back in a Week


Plan a Trip:

You may plan a week long location or destination for a Dubai trip with your family or spouse. You may have your own preferences like going to the Swiss Alps, seeing Hollywood or Disneyland. But you certainly can’t find something as affordable as going to Dubai. There are a number of flights connecting you to Dubai at economical and affordable rates. The emirates have the old tradition of world class Arabic culture. Dubai has become a destination for shopping and a getaway. The adventures in Dubai will throttle you to your seats because it something adventurous and interesting. Book your air tickets and fulfill the eligibility criteria for a Visa, a valid passport and other Documents. There are a number of airlines that will connect you to Dubai. Choose an airline that will help you travel with comfort. Also look for comfort and safety. Dubai will soon have 2 functional airports making it easier for international trade, diplomacy and tourism to flourish in Dubai.

What Dubai has to offer you?

Gold Souk: Going to Dubai is not just an trip, it can also be an investment in a way and visit to Dubai can get you a high return of investment if you shop for gold, because gold is real cheap in Dubai compared to other global markets .There are legal restrictions you will have to comply with when it comes to flying off with gold to your home country.

Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in the world will be a treat for your five senses. It’s an experience n itself. Gawk and gape at the structure in awe and excitement. A view of the man made marvel will fascinate you. The Burj Khalifa offers an unparalleled view of the entire city of Dubai.

Palm Island: The Palm islands or the man made islands as it is popularly known are 2 structures in Dubai that will replenish you and will become a part of your memory. It is a man made mega structure and an architectural marvel. The luxurious hotels mainly offer a tourist attraction.

Camel Ride: A camel ride in the caravan will be just good enough. It will take you to the camp in the desert. The Desert ride on a camel is a 5-6 hour. This also calls for a photo op, but don’t forget to enjoy the camel ride in action.

Open Bus: Explore Dubai at leisure seated on the roof top of an open bus. There are a number of tour operators who operate in the area. The ride is thrilling. The Bus ride is available throughout the city.

Dubai Museum: The Dubai Museum is located at the Al fahidi fort. The fort was built in 1787 however it has been reworked and remodeled in the recent past. The Dubai Museum is located in the Fort. It is an important tourist attraction for those interested in knowing about the culture of Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Park: You can spend time at the Jumeriah beach park. You can sun bathe on the beach. The entry fee to the park is AED 5.You can rent a sun bed and umbrella for about AED 25.The Park is open exclusively to women on Sundays and Wednesdays. The park is open between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Make use of additional benefits such as an Arabian cuisine and the Wafi discount card.

Take you Camera along:

Remember to take your camera along. You need to preserve the memories and look at the photos for years to come. If you ever feel like reliving your old memories look at the photos and plan another trip to Dubai to have another look at the splendid city. Dubai is not far around; it’s just a flight away.

On returning back:

When you are back in a week, you will have the hangover of the trip and a collage of memories you want to put together .You could be jetlagged. While the whole experience is something worth going through it is unlikely the trip will leave you with second thoughts.
There are innumerable things to do in Dubai. Join in and be part of the fun and the frolic. Eat the best food, enjoy the best rides and do things that will bring in the adrenaline rush and allow you to explore and discover yourself


Essential Tips for Quad Biking in Dubai


Dubai is the perfect place for adventure freaks. You will enjoy a lot of fun activities like water sports and desert adventures. Well, quad biking is one such sport which is extremely popular in Dubai. It is a very popular desert adventure and you will find many tour companies in Dubai which offer you excellent packages for this activity. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before you take this adventure:

1.Wear Comfortable Clothing:
Because it is an activity that will require you to be physically active, you need to wear something which is comfortable and not very tight. Also, it is essential that your entire body is covered and none of your skin is exposed to the heat and sun.

2.Wear a Sunscreen:
You are going to be in the midst of the desert and leaving your skin unprotected is a complete no-no. Make sure you apply liberal quantities of sun screen before setting out for this adventure.

3.Wear Comfortable Footwear:
It is important to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear. Wearing flip flops or thong slippers is not a great idea. Instead, rely on sturdy sandals or similar footwear that will make taking out the sand easier and riding the bike a cake walk.

4.Carry Essentials:
The activity is tiring and you might need certain things like towels, napkins and yes, water! Mostly, you get all the things at the camp site. However, if you wish to, you may carry water on your own.

5.Carry Proper Documents:
You need to have valid documents in order to enjoy this adventure. Do not forget to carry your age proof along; this emirate has strict laws and you will not be allowed to do quad biking in Dubai if you don’t carry proper identification and age proof.

Keep in mind these little tips and more importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Go Fish: Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing In Dubai


Are you fond of the sea? Do you also enjoy fishing? Well, Dubai is just the place you were looking out for! With excellent opportunities when it comes to fishing, the endless Dubai Sea is ideal for fishing!

Typically, the trip begins in the morning around 9 o’clock. You are taken deep into the sea where you can start fishing. The morning sea is a simply mesmerizing sight. Pristine water till your horizon can go; you will be speechless at the beauty of the ocean. The smell of the ocean, the lovely breeze and a nice relaxed time, this fishing trip in Dubai will take you away from all the hustle bustle of the city.

Book your fishing trip as soon as you can once you have made up your mind. It is especially important to do so when it is the season of holidays. Also, it is advisable that you choose a company which has a valid license, certification and promises you safety. You don’t want to be in the middle of the sea with no proper safety arrangements. Moreover, you need to confirm your schedule and date and time of the booking beforehand.

The boats are equipped with all the necessary fishing gear and other equipments. You are served light refreshments while you are in the boat. There is a wide array of fish like the snapper, king fish, cobia, barracudas, queen fish, groupers and many more. Catch a fish and you are the star of the day!

Deep sea fishing in Dubai is an ideal trip with friends or family. Book your fishing trip today!

The Big Bus Tour of Dubai- A Must for Every Visitor

Big Bus Tour Dubai

Dubai is a city full of wonders. There are many places you can visit and a lot of sightseeing options. The Dubai big bus tour is an excellent way to spend your time in the city and visit the most popular destinations here.

The best part about this tour is that you can either take a day tour or a night tour, depending on your preference. These buses have all the modern amenities that would be required while you travel. These buses have guided tours and you can listen to the commentary in about ten different languages.

The day bus tour takes two routes, the beach tour route and the city tour route, thus providing an excellent balance between the wonderful architectural structures and the mesmerizing natural beaches. The best part of this Dubai big bus tour is that it is a hop-on and hop-off tour. Once you get the ticket, you can board or get off the bus as many times as you want. In fact, you also have the option of purchasing a 24 hours or a 48 hours ticket. You can adjust your Dubai big bus tour schedule in two days time and ensure that you do not miss out on anything.

The night big bus tour in Dubai also includes the thrilling Wafi light and sound show which is completely mesmerizing. It is typically a 2 hours and 45 minutes tour; you see the breathtaking illumination of Dubai’s beautiful architectural wonders.  If you are visiting Dubai, you should definitely hop-on to the big bus tour! So, plan your trip now and book yourself on this tour now!

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Explore the Cultural Part of the Souk City


Are you a history lover? Do you like to explore places in UAE that reflect a place’s cultural record? Well, Dubai has a rich culture and a great historical background which is reflected in its structures. There are many historical monuments and other establishments which as a tourist, you will totally love to visit.

Bastakiya Quarters:

In Bur Dubai lies the old Bastakiya district and it has the essence of old Dubai, as opposed to the main city which is marked will tall towers and skyscrapers. This district has narrow lanes and wind towers. You can also see the old traditional courtyard houses. These houses show how people in the olden times used to live. What’s more! The wind towers are a beauty though they did not really exist for decorative purposes but were the only way to cool houses, before Dubai had electricity.

Dubai Museum:

The Dubai Museum is the ideal place to be if you want to know about the cultural heritage Dubai. The place was actually a fort which has been converted into a museum and is open for the tourists to know the roots of this place and know about the pearl diving practices, the old Arabian houses, the Bedouin life and so much more.
Grand Mosque:

An important place of worship that it is, the Grand Mosque has always been of great significance. It is the city’s tallest minaret and has stained glass panels which add to the beauty of the monument. It has become an important landmark in the city and is definitely worth visiting.

For a culture enthusiast, these are some places that shouldn’t be missed. It is quite interesting to see the cultural part of a city which is often regarded as the city of malls and tall buildings.

Experience Quad Biking in Dubai Deserts

Dubai is not just about skyscrapers and luxurious constructions. This emirate has beautiful deserts and you can enjoy a variety of activities in these desert safaris. If you are a sport enthusiast or you love outdoor activities, quad biking is the perfect way to enjoy deserts for you.

Experience Quad Biking in Dubai Deserts

Quad biking is one experience you will never forget for your lifetime. Bashing the endless sand dunes with challenging highs and lows is sure to get your adrenaline setting! This is one activity you can enjoy as an individual or in a group. The trackless deserts are highly enticing and you can weave your own path on your quad bike in the sands.  You need not be worried about safety; you are given the proper safety gear. You are provided with helmet and goggles. There are professionals who explain you the rules and all you need to do is follow them strictly! The quad bike is fully automatic so you do not really need to be a professional biker to enjoy this sport.

However, you need to be careful about certain things. You need to be at least 15 years of age to enjoy quad biking.  Well, you also need to remember that this is not a racing field or a racing session; it is a guided tour where you need to follow the policies. There are many tour companies which offer you tailor made packages if you are a large group.

Quad biking is an out and out fun activity which is quite refreshing for nature lovers. You can also enjoy additional activities like camel riding, henna painting, and barbeque dinner, entertainment like fire dance, tanoura dance and belly dance.

For more information about Dubai Deserts please visit our website here.

Three Places in Dubai Where You Must Dine

Being a foodie, you love to indulge and try your hand at a variety of cuisines. Well, Dubai is an ideal place to eat your heart out! Dubai is a completely cosmopolitan city and has many things from all over the world. Here’s a list of the top 3 places you must visit for your food escapades:

Three Places in Dubai Where You Must Dine

  1. Al Hadheerah:

If you want to enjoy the traditional Arabian cuisine, this is the best place you can visit. Just a 60—minutes drive from the Dubai airport, this place has a lavish aura and ambience. Set amidst the marvelous sand dunes, this restaurant is in a resort which gives you a feeling of being in an oasis. You will be served the best traditional delicacies and you will also be treated to fantastic entertainment by belly dancers.

  1. Al Mahara:

Your trip to Dubai would be totally incomplete without relishing the mouthwatering sea food delicacies here. Al Mahara is the place to be if you want to enjoy the best sea food cuisine. The ambience is splendid. It gives you the feel of being underwater. It is surely a unique experience when it comes to dining within an aquarium. No matter how much time you spend there, you will never be bored watching the fish. The food is of course of great standards.

  1. Majlis Al Bahar:

Majlis Al Bahar is strategically positioned on the magnificent private island beach of the majestic Burj Al Arab. A simple table on the lovely sand of the mesmerizing beach, lovely melodious sounds of the light waves of the wonderful sea is what the restaurant is made of. Though the place has a humble atmosphere, the restaurant serves an elaborate menu of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Well, a trip to Dubai is simply incomplete without a visit to these mesmerizing places.

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